ABOUT Karya International

KARYA International Education Consulting was founded in 1994 in Ankara, and it is one of Turkey’s first overseas education consulting companies. It has been offering a comprehensive service all across Turkey in its head office in Ankara and branch offices in İstanbul and İzmir, with a staff of total 40 personnel.
As you plan your life, you will take steps that will take you to much better places, provide you withachievements in your career, develop your vision and make it easier to challenge difficulties. As you can take education within the country, it is education abroad that will improve you and make you  “people of the World”.
Since its foundation, KARYA has been providing Professional education consultancy to the Turkish youth and every individual, who is in need of education abroad, in their way to their goals with its quality service understanding, not only from the school selection to going abroad, but also every step from the completion of education to returning to our country.

The basic principle of KARYA, offering the best quality education option to the students with the studies conducted together with the best and most distinguished schools abroad, is TRUST which it offers. KARYA International, which always gives particular importance to 100% pleasantness of its students in all its programs, has made it possible tens of thousands of students take world-class education abroad.
Our company maintains all educational agreements with schools registered with recognized quality standards of reliability in the governments of the countries concerned. All school agreement is developed and revised each year depending on student references.

As KARYA International, our most important principle is Customer Satisfaction.
Our consultants have completed all the necessary training to answer all your questions with a comprehensive and gentle approach.
Our personnel is selected from the related departments of universities who have educational and living experiences abroad.

In this respect, we try to be worthy of your trust at all times and in all circumstances with our values and positive approach as the KARYA family.
You can consult with KARYA International offices about all kinds of educational issues, and benefit from all our services such as having ideas, price details, brochures 100% free of charge no matter where you are in Turkey!


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