ABOUT Karya International

KARYA International Education Consulting was established in Ankara in 1994; and it has been serving to its clients professionally since that date. Our company has its central office at the capital city of Turkey, Ankara and the for branch offices in Taksim, Kadıkoy Istanbul, İzmir and Cyprus.
The company itself has 30 on board staff at Ankara Office, 10 at Istanbul Offices and 5 at Izmir Office. Known for its problem solving methods and personal attentive approaches from their representatives to their customers, Karya International’s staff will not deal with its customers only until they leave Turkey, but until they come back from their studies to make sure that they are happy and well attended at all time. All the people working for the company have graduated from good-quality universities’ related departments and they all have abroad experience. The main mission of our company is to give quality and professional service to our clients who would like to have education abroad and help them to shape their future ideally.
KARYA became one of the leading companies at its sector with its self-improving, problem solving, dynamic and innovative methods.

The Program and services Karya International gives can be found below;
•Language School Programs
•University Placement Services (both undergraduate and post-graduate)
•College Placements
•Certificate and Diploma Programs
•University Pathway Programs / Foundation and Pre-Master Programs
•High School Placement and High School Exchange Programs
•Paid/Unpaid Internship
•Summer Schools / summer camps
•Business English and Executive Courses for business man
•Visa counseling
The main countries where we sent our students;

USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Malta, South Africa, New Zealand, South Africa, European Countries including Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland etc., Far East Countries including Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore etc.
All our partner schools have their accreditations at the countries they are located and all of them are carefully selected, good-quality schools in those countries.

Contact Information:

Ankara Central Office:

Bestekar Sokak 88/2 Kavaklidere, Ankara
Tel: 0090 312 466 61 00, E mail: ankarakaryaint.com

İstanbul Branch Offices:

İstiklal Caddesi , Emgen Han, 47/2 Taksim, İstanbul
Tel: 0090 212 293 72 00, E mail: taksimkaryaint.com

Sogutlucesme Cad Elbek Han 82 D Kat 3 Kadıkoy Istanbul
Tel: 0090 216 405 27 00 E-mail: kadikoykaryaint.com

İzmir Office:

Kıbrıs Shitleri Cad. No: 30/1 Alsancak, İzmir
Tel: 0090 232 465 16 00 e-mail: izmirkaryaint.com

Cyprus office:

Salamis yolu Abajur sok. Betsa 3 Apt. Daire 3 Gazimagusa, Kıbrıs
Tel: 0533 826 00 45 e-mail: kibriskaryaint.com

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